The meaning of living a happy life

What does it mean when people tell you to live a “happy life”?

Why living a  happy life matters

She needs a happy lifeI just watched a video today that shook me to the core. It was my high school friend, now a radio show host in Texas, who made a video sharing his pain related to the recent deaths of a few people known by other people close to him. In the video he stressed the need for all of us to live a happy life because you never know when you will no longer be walking above the earth.

Living a happy life by removing obstacles

So many times we get stuck in a rut and forget what is like to live a happy life. We hate the job we have but stay because it pays the bills. Do certain things to please others that harms us or makes us miserable in the end.

Many times we keep people around much longer than we should even though they hurt us or do not allow us to live a happy life.

Taking control of our life and turning things around I think it starts with removing obstacles that does not allow us to reach our goal.

But for some people this is a hard task. Below you will find some easy to implement action steps to get you on track to living the happy life you deserve.

Getting rid of a job you hate

If you hate your job perhaps it’s time to start looking around. Some people I know will not look because they are scared. If they examine their feelings they may find that there is absolutely no reason to be scared. Many of the fears in our head are tools the enemy uses to keep us stuck where he wants us – sad and miserable.

I like to use baby steps when I am scared of doing something new.

First step is to just look at job boards like careerbuilder. Even posting your resume there may give you interesting results. There is no harm done doing this, it may actually open your eyes to what’s possible.

After being comfortable with looking then you may want to apply for positions suitable for you. Even if you never get a phone call or interview. At least you are starting the motion and if you believe in the law of attraction, then the right position at the right company will come along – only because you started moving towards your goals. Faith is important but it may come later for some people.

And finally, when you make it to the interview process it’s important that you like not just your new salary but the company culture and the people you will be working with.

Money does not guarantee a happy life, especially when you spend a lot of time everyday with people you dislike.

Getting rid of toxic people

Toxic people can permeate every type of relationship we have. It could be a close family member, co-workers, boss, friends and (sad to say) even spouses.

Social media can exaggerate this problem.

A healthy habit is to clean up your social media accounts and clean up your contact (or “friend”) list frequently.

Be honest with yourself and go with your instinct when deciding to either disconnect or remain in contact with that person. Obviously you will need to keep some around, that even though you rather remove from your life completely you just can’t; either because they are family or an important business connection.

Use common sense, if possible, at least “unfollow” people that do not bring anything positive to your life and goals. You will still be connected but will not be subject to their negative posts.

Also, look at your social calendar and fill it with events that surround you with positive, uplifting people. Before committing yourself to an event think about how you will feel and if it will add to the happy life you are creating.

Getting rid of a toxic spouse

Hopefully this does not apply to you. But if it does, you are not alone. A recent article posted on brings up 5 steps you can take to  break free of toxic patterns, healing and restoring balance.

In my own experience, getting rid of a toxic spouse brings such a feeling of freedom and a realization that I was not living the happy life that I deserved. But to be honest I did not think that deserved it, I actually thought that it was normal to live with a toxic spouse because from my childhood that’s all I knew. I can’t emphasize how important it is to heal after being with a toxic spouse for many years. You don’t want to bring the baggage and scarring left from a previous toxic relationship to a new relationship. It will only ruin it.

My suggestion is to work on yourself before you decide to file for divorce. Once you are ready to take legal action seek find a Tampa divorce papers coordinator to help you navigate the family court system, complete and notarize the papers and get you divorced with less stress. Hiring a Tampa divorce attorney will be expensive and it might be unnecessary unless there are a lot of assets at stake and your ex is a hurtful person.

Do not allow your toxic husband to steamroll you, seek legal counsel if you are concerned with safety or being taken advantage of.

Summary – Say Yes to a Happy Life

You can have a happy life if you follow the steps above but the most important thing is to expect positive things and people to come your way, everyday. Expect to be blessed beyond belief.

Keep dreaming and aiming higher than you think you can reach…you may shoot for the stars but may reach the moon!

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