I am so Confused!

So I have a big decision to make.

Do I leave my full time job and everything that it represents or do I quit and start my own business with all that it represents?

Why am I facing this decision today?

Before I go into my reasons, please know that I LOVE my job!

I look forward to go to work everyday. It’s full time, with benefits and all that jazz. When I need to take off because I am sick or I have to take care of something I usually do not have a problem.

So why do I want to leave?

Because I know I can do better. I have so many ideas floating in my head I don’t get to sleep at night.

And because I have mad skills.

I am good at computer stuff and have proven it over and over again. It’s so easy for me to stay in front of a computer all day. And I can sell my service because I am confident I can make it happen.

But truth be told I am very scared.

I am terrified of failing. Of not being able to pay my bills and take care of my family. I am also a bit scared I won’t find enough clients to live the lifestyle I want.

It’s not like I get paid a lot at my job. I am at the bottom of the barrel there but like the predictability of a paycheck.

Who doesn’t?

I want to go above my fears and take the jump. I may start working for a local company I found on Google. Their name is Mainstream Digital Marketing Services (mainstreamdma.com) and they seem legit and from what I read is that they are focused on their clients and that’s the kind of company I want to work for, not a client churning kind of place.

What do you think?


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