House versus Condo?

Home or Condo
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House or Condo…that’s the question!

Our family has been living in a beautiful apartment for the last 3 years. We absolutely love it here! Our grounds are gorgeously maintained. Our club house is our friend’s envy and the pool….we rather be at our pool than going to the gorgeous beaches we have only a short hour away.

Renting is Throwing Away Money

But let’s face it, we cannot keep renting forever. We own a house 5 hours away that we are renting, I see us living there once we retire since the house will be paid off by our tenants (joy!).

Realistically we could stay in this apartment and keep “living la vida loca” but I can’t help it but feel that we are throwing money away every month we give our rent payment.

Renting is also bliss

There are so many benefits we have for renting though that I wanted to write this post and clear my head of the benefits of renting:

  1. Someone else fixes stuff – boy am I spoiled! The a/c not working? Call management. The dryer not drying? They will pay for someone to come and vacuum the tube. Burned my microwave? Replaced within 24 hours. All included in our rent!
  2. No yard – No maintenance! We do not need to worry about the yard since they have a team that takes care of the grounds. And they are gorgeous!
  3. Amenities – Two gyms, pool, gas grill, gas fire-pit, volleyball court, basketball court, dog park, playground, tennis court…need I say more?
  4. Other amenities – Coffee, tea, computers, printer and….huge shredding bin 🙂
  5. Insurance – Rental insurance is cheap. Buying homeowners or condo insurance can get pretty expensive.

Why buy a Home or Condo?

  1. It would be an investment.
  2. That’s it….


Honestly, at our age I rather have a condo. I spoke with someone that sells condo insurance Miami and she feels the happy level of those our age buying a condo is better than buying a home. Must be because of the level of maintenance.


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