House versus Condo?

Home or Condo
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House or Condo…that’s the question!

Our family has been living in a beautiful apartment for the last 3 years. We absolutely love it here! Our grounds are gorgeously maintained. Our club house is our friend’s envy and the pool….we rather be at our pool than going to the gorgeous beaches we have only a short hour away.

Renting is Throwing Away Money

But let’s face it, we cannot keep renting forever. We own a house 5 hours away that we are renting, I see us living there once we retire since the house will be paid off by our tenants (joy!).

Realistically we could stay in this apartment and keep “living la vida loca” but I can’t help it but feel that we are throwing money away every month we give our rent payment.

Renting is also bliss

There are so many benefits we have for renting though that I wanted to write this post and clear my head of the benefits of renting:

  1. Someone else fixes stuff – boy am I spoiled! The a/c not working? Call management. The dryer not drying? They will pay for someone to come and vacuum the tube. Burned my microwave? Replaced within 24 hours. All included in our rent!
  2. No yard – No maintenance! We do not need to worry about the yard since they have a team that takes care of the grounds. And they are gorgeous!
  3. Amenities – Two gyms, pool, gas grill, gas fire-pit, volleyball court, basketball court, dog park, playground, tennis court…need I say more?
  4. Other amenities – Coffee, tea, computers, printer and….huge shredding bin 🙂
  5. Insurance – Rental insurance is cheap. Buying homeowners or condo insurance can get pretty expensive.

Why buy a Home or Condo?

  1. It would be an investment.
  2. That’s it….


Honestly, at our age I rather have a condo. I spoke with someone that sells condo insurance Miami and she feels the happy level of those our age buying a condo is better than buying a home. Must be because of the level of maintenance.


I am so Confused!

So I have a big decision to make.

Do I leave my full time job and everything that it represents or do I quit and start my own business with all that it represents?

Why am I facing this decision today?

Before I go into my reasons, please know that I LOVE my job!

I look forward to go to work everyday. It’s full time, with benefits and all that jazz. When I need to take off because I am sick or I have to take care of something I usually do not have a problem.

So why do I want to leave?

Because I know I can do better. I have so many ideas floating in my head I don’t get to sleep at night.

And because I have mad skills.

I am good at computer stuff and have proven it over and over again. It’s so easy for me to stay in front of a computer all day. And I can sell my service because I am confident I can make it happen.

But truth be told I am very scared.

I am terrified of failing. Of not being able to pay my bills and take care of my family. I am also a bit scared I won’t find enough clients to live the lifestyle I want.

It’s not like I get paid a lot at my job. I am at the bottom of the barrel there but like the predictability of a paycheck.

Who doesn’t?

I want to go above my fears and take the jump. I may start working for a local company I found on Google. Their name is Mainstream Digital Marketing Services ( and they seem legit and from what I read is that they are focused on their clients and that’s the kind of company I want to work for, not a client churning kind of place.

What do you think?


Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Sisters…hate them or love them…that is the question.

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. You would think that we would get along, hang out together and stuff but sadly our relationship is nothing but sibling rivalry to the point of no longer speaking.

It was not always this way.

When we were teenagers we loved each other and hanged out together, shared the same friends and many times even the same car.

So it’s strange and painful to see how we can’t stand each other now.

And while I am trying to wrap my head around why she won’t talk to me, especially after I thought we had buried the hatchet and promised to never stop talking again.

I do not think that I have done anything to her (at least on purpose) and I feel like it’s not fair however I have come to terms that it is what it is.

The problem is that I care; and it infuriates me how she wants to make it all about her hurt feelings again.

It is so much easier to deal with a husband/wife relationship where you can just divorce the person, but not talking to a family member ruins family events, creates wedges and complicates communications.

And I say this with earnest. I do not hate her. I wish nothing but the best to her but I can’t help it if I can’t stand her. I am done trying to stimulate a relationship that does not exist in the realm of honesty and truthfulness.

I am actually relieved I no longer have to be careful with my Facebook posts, twitter and even Instagram posts. I know it’s hard for her to believe that nothing I post is about her so I am glad I no longer have to worry about who am I insulting with an honest to God innocent post.


How to Speed Up Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing: How to Speed it Up

Many times when we go through a very emotional phase in our life as a child or adult we adopt mechanisms that protects us from feeling the pain.

When children go through trauma many times those memories are blocked by the natural influx of fresh information. Their developing brains cannot handle the old data and the new data because of it’s growing rate.


As adults, we don’t have this issue however we tend to attempt to bury the pain through ingesting drugs (legal and not legal), alcohol or saving the memories and then using it against another person (sometimes intentionally many times not intentionally).

We see this repeatedly in couples that get marry to a new spouse after ending a bad marriage. Many ex=spouses engaging in new relationships carry the pain and hurt from past relationships in their new partnerships, causing unnecessary tension and issues with the new innocent party.

One of the recommendations is dealing with the pain through individual therapy. Also remaining open to the possibility that it is us causing the problems and taking responsibility for any hurt we are causing to our new partner.

The worst thing we can do is act like everything is ok and just attempt to bury the pain under the rug, until it shows it’s ugly head again.

For example, a nice man in it’s late 40’s remarries a younger woman who occasionally needs to travel for business. Their relationship is pretty great until the topic of her need to travel for business comes up. As the time approaches he gets more tense, stops talking to everyone at home, pretty much locks himself in their bedroom evening until the next morning when he goes to work.

He feels threatened and fearful of losing his new wife but he is terrified. Why? Looking at his past marriage we find out that his previous wife was a nurse and worked the evening shift. They spent many hours separately. He took care of their children while she worked and when she came home he went to work.

Their conflicting work schedules most likely caused the drift in their marriage. He felt abandoned and alone.

Unfortunately his new wife’s travel needs triggers the fears and pain from his past relationship and creates a whole new set of issues in his current marriage.

The new wife is placed in a difficult position where she has to choose between his emotional well being and her career. Until he is able to address this issue and heal from it, she is stuck in the turmoil of his past.


The best way to heal from this type of trauma is by facing it head on. Talking about it may turn a difficult task but it’s absolutely necessary. Finding a couple therapist may also be helpful and speed up the healing process.

Unfortunately if issues are not addressed and improved divorce may be the final destination.



How to Bond with the Little Ones at Christmas

Just like any other holiday, Christmas can be an awesome day to bond with the kids and family. Although this can be challenging, with proper planning and a set of activities, it can be an enjoyable time for you and the little ones. Remember, keeping the kids busy during this period can be hard since most of them are restless. Here are some of the best ways to bond with them at Christmas.

Take trips

Instead of sitting around the house you can choose to take field trips to museums, parks and other places that you feel will interest the little ones. You may also play in the snow during winter. Just be sure to wear your habit de neige chaud par Gusti. To make the trips more enjoyable, pack some snacks and drinks that you can take when you are out. Doing this will not only make their day enjoyable but they will also learn a lot.


After being in school for some time, kids need some time to relax. One of the best ways to do this is to decorate. But why do we do this? Christmas is a time that reminds people about the birth of Jesus, hence you can use decorations to signify his life while on earth. Apart from the angels, stars, and other things, you can use unique decorations to beautify your Christmas tree at home.

Watch a movie together

Nowadays, there are many good movies that depict the birth and life of Jesus. By watching these movies, you will put the whole celebration into perspective and the children will see it in the same light. This can also be the best time to share with them the true meaning of Christmas and why Jesus Christ came as a child.

Share stories with them

Have you ever shared stories about Christ with little ones? While you are together with the children during Christmas, you can take the time to share with them many stories about the Christ. You may also reflect together with them how the year was and what they intend to do to improve.

Take a photo with Santa

If you are looking for something memorable, then taking a photo is one of the best things to do. Some children may not like the idea, but it’s a great way to remember the future. The best way to do it is to use the same Santa so that the little ones can always remind themselves of how they are growing. Also, let’s hope that Santa also brought some hot snowsuits by gusti for the kids.

Well, those are some of the best ways to bond during Christmas. You can select the best ones based on what the children like and what will make the occasion much more enjoyable. Go ahead and enjoy your Christmas with the little ones!

Moving Forward When Your Heart Is Broken


How to Move on When Your Heart is Broken

Divorce can leave you heartbroken. When it happened, you may feel as if something as sharp as a needle has pinched your heart. You could felt let down and wish you could do something to save it. Heartbreaking experiences happen all the time, and the important thing is to move on immediately. If you have been heartbroken, how can you move on quickly? Let us see.

Accept the situation

The first step toward healing your heart is to accept the situation. Accept that pain has to come because if you love someone enough to be heartbroken, the pain will be part of what you will experience. You need to break the circle of painful memories and do not dwell on them. This is not belittling the level of your pain; rather you do not have to dwell on it so much that the pain becomes unhealthy.

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Change your thought and habit

You need to change your view first if you want to move immediately on after a sad experience like divorce. Changing the way you think is about developing a different way of perception. If you are finding it terribly difficult to come to grasp with the end of your relationship, you may need to change how you think. Desist from seeing it as the end of your happiness. Rather, think of it as a challenge that presents opportunities for you

You also need to change your habit. Anything you do that reminds you of your ex should be discarded. If it is some kind of music that reminds you of your ex, you need to do away with them. Changing your environment will help as well.

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Do some workouts

Exercise is a good remedy for depression and can help to heal your pain. When you practice daily exercise, it not only refreshes you but also takes your mind away from your past. With exercise, you can get over your pain quickly.

Be of help to someone else

Do not just focus on your feeling, look out for opportunities to help other having similar heartbreak. When you reach out to help another person in a similar situation, it makes light your own pain. By focusing on helping others, you will gradually detach yourself from your painful past.

Open your heart to love again

Do not think that a broken relationship is the end of the world. Be ready and open your heart to love again. It is imperative that you do not isolate yourself from others. Look out for love again, but try to have fun too along the way.


The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side or Is It?

Is there any credibility to the saying “the grass is greener on the other side”?

In my experience this is most true. We all feel that we are missing something in life. Especially with social media nowadays.

For example let’s say that you go on a cruise to the Caribbean have a fantastic time. But then see on Facebook your cousin’s posts of her cruise through Europe. Suddenly your heart sinks. Yes, you loved your cruise, had a great time but suddenly you wonder why you didn’t think of going to Europe!

I think that happens in our relationships as well.

When I was married to my ex-alcoholic, drug user husband I wanted a relationship with someone that put me above everyone else. Someone that wanted to spend time with me and did not leave me atIs the grass greener on the other side? home while he would go out and have a great time, always without me.

Well…I found that person

I’ve been married to exactly the opposite of my ex-husband. And while it is an upgrade (think Honda to Cadillac kind of upgrade), I still wonder if the grass really is greener on the other side.

You see, I now feel suffocated!

I know, you may think that I am a stupid, disgraceful woman that does not appreciate a good man; oh wait, that’s what I tell myself!

Perhaps, and this is something that I do not tell others, only here do I feel free enough to write what’s in my heart because I am embarrassed and feel the judgment in my imaginary friend’s faces.

I love my husband dearly and he treats me well but he wants to spend every waking hour (away from his time at work) next to me. Even last night, we have a queen size bed but we might as well have a full size or even a twin size bed. He sleeps next to me most nights. So close his body heat makes me hot and gives me little space to move around.

I need my own space!

Also, I have girlfriends that I like to spend time with and have girl talk however anytime I mention it he makes that face. You know what face right? Showing me that he feels rejected, argh!!!


And trust me if I pay no mind and go grab a cup of coffee with a girlfriend (even at their house, in our same complex) after 30 minutes he will be texting me. I can expect texts like “when are you coming home”, “what’s for dinner, breakfast, etc.”, “do you want me to open up a bottle of wine”, and on and on.

It’s hard and I have no idea how to fix it.

If I find a solution to this issue I promise that I will come back and write it here. Meanwhile, I am grateful for my current life and while the grass is not greener on my past (that’s for sure). I do miss my freedom and ability to have a cup of coffee with someone without feeling guilty.

Till next time!

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“#MaybeHeDoesn’tHitYou – Hashtag goes viral

 “Maybe He Doesn’t Hit You” needs to be understood by every single judge, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and anyone involved in the advocacy for the abused.

I so wish the judge that denied my petition for an injunction realizes the mistake he made.

It took me 5 years of group therapy and working with a sponsor to let go of my guilt over finally leaving his ass. Have you ever heard co-dependency?

Yeah that’s my name. I was so sick “in love” with him that no matter how badly he treated me he could always make me come back to his arms.

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What many people do not understand is that it’s not always bad. It’s a goddamn roller coaster that you just don’t know how to get  out because it does not stop. And when it does stop (usually because the abuser got tired of playing with you and moved on to another victim) we beg and beg and plead to get back on the fucking ride.

Why do we stay?

Because we are co-dependents. #MaybeHeDoesn’tHitYou It’s right on. The writer Suzannah Weiss hit it in the nail when she says that people does not understand that abuse it’s not always physical.

Out of Control Verbal Abuse

Per a report published by the CDC nearly 50% of women have endured verbal abuse in what are supposed to be loving relationships. The sad part is that many times we do not even recognize that we’ve been abused. I personally was verbally abused every time my ex would get drunk and high on cocaine. Then the next day he had a bad hang over so we stayed away from each other – me trying to live my life and him watching my reaction to see if I was going to go off on him. During the third day when he realized I was pretty much ignoring him he would invite me to eat, buy me flowers even take me on shopping spree. By the end of the third day I felt completely confused and thought “maybe I overreacted by getting so upset”.

Passive aggressiveness – A way of life!

By the way, I would be mad as hell but most of the times I would not show it. I would do fucked up things like going through his pockets while he was passed out and taking every single penny left after a night of partying. Then I would spend the money on our kids while he was hanged over at home or working. Most of the time he was so passed out he even pooped in his pants – yeah totally gross!!!

Finally – Freedom

It took me working on the 12 steps program of ALANON to learn new coping skills and eventually leave the hell I was in. After the judge denied me the injuction I checked my 4 kids and myself into hotel “Safeplace”. For three months we lived there until a family court judge finally agreed it was time for him to go and for me and my kids to come back home.

Again, just because #maybehedoesnthityou it does not mean that anyone should keep putting up with anyone’s bullshit.


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Stopping Emotional Abuse on It’s Tracks

Emotional abuse on adult children still happens in this day in age.

Be Gentle with Yourself - emotional abuseI got a perturbing call today from my cousin. Within minutes of being on the phone she started bawling describing the emotional abuse she was enduring from her mother.

My cousin, is 45 years old.

Receiving Emotional Abuse from an unlikely place

Some people think that emotional abuse is received from bad spouses, bosses or even bad friends. The reality is that a lot of the emotional abuse actually comes from our parents. Even as adult children some parents do not know the damage they are doing to their adult children.

I think most of the cases were going on since childhood but it’s not until adulthood that we are even clear enough to understand that even though our parents hurt us they still love us. It’s strange and contradicting, but it’s all due to immaturity from the parent and what they see to be their role in the life of their adult child.

In my cousin’s case, her issue is her mom’s dislike to her husband. The primary problem is that they live together, a big no-no in my opinion.

In this article 4 reasons why you should not live with your inlaws, their reasons make total sense:

1 – Privacy

2 – Too much familiarity can breed contempt

3 – They’ll expect you to answer to them

4 – Parenting interference

 An important step for my cousin is to find a place for her mother to live separately from her and her husband. But there are a few things I advised her to do before moving day comes.

Simple Steps to Take to Deal with Emotional Abuse

The first thing is for her to understand that while she cannot control her mother she can control her feelings. Just because her mother says hurtful things she does not have to engage in an argument. If she comes home from work and she sees that her mother is upset; I told her to ask her once why she is upset, if she does not answer, say “ok” and keep walking and moving about your business.

Another suggestion I made is to head out the door for a walk if the ambiance is toxic. Sometimes fresh air is all we need to bring our spirits up and let the other person fume in their own poison.

But the most important advice I gave her I think is that she needs to find a way to live separate ways and find a way to filing for divorce in Florida , even if it’s from her own mother.

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