Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is not just a simple matter of receiving salvation and everlasting life. Rebirth also embraces a whole set of promises that you fulfill. For instance, you promise to be obedient to God. You promise to put away your old sinful life and replace it with a new life in Christ. You promise to study God's Word. You promise to love your neighbor as yourself. You promise to fellowship with Christ in prayer and meditation. You promise to trust Him in all things. You promise to seek God's will and give Him the glory for everything you do. And you promise to set an example for others so they will see Christ's Light shining through you and praise God for it.

But sometimes promises are hard to keep -- even to God. The way of the cross is narrow and rocky, and the pitfalls abound. You will have Satan to contend with. He wants you back in his camp and he'll do anything to get you there.

As they say in our modern society, "information is power," and that is especially true of Christian life. The more knowledgeable you are about the Word of God, the better armed you are to keep on the path and deal with adversity. The Loving Heart can help arm you with that knowledge. Although we can never take the place of a mentor, The Loving Heart can still be a handy tool in the life of a new Christian.